Food photography –  one of the most colourful segment for visual social media marketing.

We love food so much that we will do serie from our visits to different restaurants, to present one of our favourite line of work -the  food photography

Introducing your restaurant to the public in social media is much more than just picture of the food. It is the people in the kitchen, produce and all the details what goes into it.Here we show an example, how to tell the visual story about restaurant. Ironically this time it is not from restaurant in Marbella but from Tallinn.We had amazing, one day behind the scenes at one of the newest, coolest home restaurant and wine corner in Tallinn.

ANNO Home Restaurant & Wine corner in Tallinn/Estonia.

Absolute foodporn at it’s best – cosy, really intimate feel , feels like you arrived to your best friends home ;)
However the food itself doesn’t let you get too casual. The complexity and attention to the details is so refined, that you will feel like Alice in Wonderland.
Delicious everything, just delicious, not to mention that probably the best wine list with a best price point you could find in Tallinn.
Little visual food photography overview from us. We were lucky enough, to spend a full day behind the gourmet journey scene at ANNO. It was intense but divine & absolutely delicious experience, highly recommended place to visit when in Tallinn.

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