About Noninfluencer

Helping Startups with Marketing Strategy. No fluff no nonsense, just practically formulated actions with integrity. Focusing on creativity tools to save time and resources for Startups. Branding & go to market strategy. Full-stack team and skills on-demand. Process steps – defining the company/brand communication: brand visual, tone & the voice, to see and put together small details in one cohesive picture and to communicate it humanly manner. Brand positioning and communication delivered through creative and somewhat unconventional marketing. Due a long term experience in management field within different business verticals, we understand well the mechanisms what drives the business results, besides how the brand should and could look like. We will bind together the creative side with the business goals on the project delivery.


WE’RE willing to do things that might not work, just to be closer to being an ARTIST. ARE YOU?

relationships, ideas & beautiful brands


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