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Photography Social Media Visual.

Photography on Social Media Visual is a key factor – You have only one chance to make the first impression.

Photography  Social Media Visual importance has grown tremendously with technology and new social communications platform creations and have brought need for a good photography content to the whole new level when it comes to social media. Visual imagos/ photos speak for you, so you have to know how to use them to your advantage. The photographs you post on social media are used to draw attention and make an impact on your audience in the hope that they take action.

Social Media Builds Brand Perception  

– The purpose of social media is to create, build, and nurture lasting and meaningful relationships with real people, some of whom will naturally become your clients. The way your brand is presented and perceived across all your marketing channels is obviously important.

Photography is part of brand personality 

– Your logo, the colors you use on your website and blog, and the language you use in your marketing, are all important elements of your brand. But, so are things like your approach, philosophy about photography, and the experience you give your clients.


When taking pictures, the photographer should always consider the particular platform on which it is posted in order to create an image that suits it.


For photographers, it is no longer enough to post good images and expect results, photography Should Tell a Story
Storytelling has always played a part in successful marketing. Stories enable us to build personality and create a connection with your cummunity/clients . Good stories humanize your brand and make people to remember youa and what they saw because of the personal connection they were able to make. 
“People connect with people, not with a brand name or a product type.”
A great photograph can tell such a more powerful story than a five paragraph text. Photography is an authentic medium that instantaneously tell a story. Good visual content is key to becoming more visible in your industry and gaining new opportunities.
Newer underestimate the power of visually pleasing content, attention span is very short those days, you need to find the ways to keep people curious and interested abot you, not just posting for a sake of the post.

We are lucky at Noninfluencer Marketing Agency to work with some of the best studios and photographers in Marbella. 


Founded in 2011, Kreoidea is Marbella’s premier photography and visual creation studio for contemporary fashion and lifestyle brands. Offering full-service productions that cater to every need, we deliver only the highest quality content with a seamless process that always keeps our client at the helm on a fast track. Our talented team uses the latest visual trends to elevate each brand’s unique aesthetic, captivate their audience, and drive the brand forward.


Italian experienced photographer based in Marbella, Spain, working throughout the Costa del Sol’s Fashion industry producing editorials, campaigns, Look-books and catalogues for designers, brands, boutiques and magazines. 

Social Media Management by Noninfluencer

Brands photography social media feed visual design, posting  and monthly management. Extensive hands-on experience with different integrated marketing and communication solutions including branding, advertising and PR projects in various CEE countries.

We create and design the stories for the brands by putting every bit of effort to help you to deliver the message people really want to see, read and hear.

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Noninfluencer is focusing on brand communications and visual storytelling. It is essentially for a truly “social ” brand that the integration of the platform and the subjects will get people talking and sharing in social space.

We capture, create and design the stories for the brands  to help deliver the message people really want to see, read and hear.