Project Description

Cocktail Bar Marketing

Marketing with motion video and great looking visual photography of the products was a paramount for a success to showcase boutique style crafted cocktails lounge concept in Marbella.
The sense to catch the atmosphere and to tell the story was critical for the launch of the bar. Creativity , the way of seeing details through the eyes of others and catching the (e)motion was the main task with photography and video content for this project.

“A picture is worth a thousand words

The first rule of cocktail bar marketing and restaurant social media marketing is to designs your social feed very well. Importance of good quality photos and consistency  is key to reaching new heights and customers. Social media is a platform where people share curated information. If you post a “share worthy” image with fun branding and storytelling, it’ll most likely end reach on many people’s social feed and you can expect spontaneous visitors based on well timed post on social.

We keep hearing that we need to make great graphics for our blogs and businesses because humans are a visual species.  Well one of the long ongoing  trend for social media is evolving – the growth of visual search. Which is great news for those businesses who understand the importance of visual content. Visual search will be one of the most critical key to stand out from crowd from now onwards.


Brand Design
Logo, Imago & Concept


Branding & Launch




We have ideas

Noninfluencer is focusing on brand communications and visual storytelling. It is essentially for a truly  “social ” brand that the integration of the platform and the subjects will get people talking and sharing in social space.

We capture, create and design the stories for the brands  to help deliver the message people really want to see, read and hear.