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You have only one chance to make the first impression.

How do you bond with your customers? How can you figure out what they want in exchange for their attention, action, and advocacy. That’s why every business social media manager must understand deeply the values and expectations or the experience and tone and follow that tone with all social media posting.

Connect your network with your channel.

People buy from people they like and trust, they want to feel their bond  in an emotional connection, shared values and a mutual understanding what brings them back over and over again.

The first step in the brand social media style development is to research who are your existing customers. You must use social skills to interact and learn about your customer beyond age, gender and demographics.  Their willingness and motivation to spend. You have to know them as people who have real likings, motivations, behaviours and habits. Once you know everything there is to know, you become the person who gets them. Becoming a reflection of your customer is the strongest route to establishing trust.

Follow people who you know and don’t be shy to let them know about your business.  Ask for a referrals & invite them to try whatever service you’re into, let them try and give you reviews to build up the network.  More and more people nowadays trust more a user generated content than advertising.

Look for your audience. Follow people who you know and who are in the same business as you, their followers will be match for you too. Learn from competition pages and adapt those learnings into your Instagram feed design.

Communication is the key. Be open, be honest, be personal – ask questions; opinions, answer the comments and messages as soon as possible.

Don’t talk about you all the time on Instagram feed .

Try to see the context from other side of the screen , what would make them interested on your business. Show the company culture, introduce the team members, give some humour and provocation.  Let people feel that they are communicating with a friend.

Post the content interesting to your audience – don’t be afraid to give “freebies ” advices and sector news. People will appreciate it and see that you know your stuff.

Be consistent – with a style, tone of voce” and frequent with posting. If you think that you already posted 2 times this week and it should be enough , think again, social media doesn’t work this way. If you want to stay in people mind you have to post consistently or you will be forgotten after next 100 similar profiles.

Start a conversation – be curious, use your audience for answers. You need to understand what is the motivation for actions for them.

Use the right hashtags #

You want to keep it cool, right ? It’s fine but … unfortunately unless you have +50K followers, being cool is not the best strategy. Keeping it cool will leave you reach freeze, swallow your bride and think ” how would you search yourself content / service what you have”.Use the right hashtags which helps your fabulous content visible to the people who are following hashtags of certain, location or business. If you hashtags are relevant you will get the right target to look at you

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