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Differences Between Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing

Do Your brand needs a digital or social media marketing and what’s the difference ?

If we look Digital marketing as the cake in the modern world, the social media is an essential slice of it. But digital marketing and Social Media marketing are not by default the same thing.While social media refers to specific websites, digital marketing on the other hand, can be both our digital marketing materials and the act of marketing ourselves online.

SM Marketing versus Digital Marketing

The differences between social media marketing and digital marketing are elaborated in the following points:

1. Social Media marketing is a type of marketing that uses social media sites, to boost the traffic and increase customer engagement. On the other hand, digital marketing refers to the modern marketing technique, which uses all available and cost-effective electronic channels to promote products or services and increase customer reach.

2. Content is regarded as the king in social media marketing and so the better the content is, the more will be the customer engagement. On the other hand, in digital marketing focuses on the banners, to create an impression on the minds of the customer.

3. With social media marketing, the marketer aims at actively engaging with the social media user. Conversely, digital marketing stresses on reaching the target audience using different channels such as TV, radio, mobile apps, email ads, search ads and so forth.

4. If you compare the speed of a product advertised on social media and digital media, then obviously social media will win as the reach is faster. This is due to an active response of the user, in the form of like, share, comments and statuses, which helps in reaching a larger audience in seconds and so digital media is slower.

Digital marketing channels

Digital marketing is any brand messaging or advertising you do on the internet.

Your website
Pay per click advertising 
Lead generation
Email marketing 
Digital campaigns
Digital ads – banners
Digital branding 
Plus all of social media

Social Media IS a part of Digital Marketing 

It appears that Social Media Marketing is often contrasted with digital marketing but they are not the same. SM marketing is just one component of digital marketing, which use social media as a platform to reach customers and build relationships with them.

Not having active social media profiles be seen as of a red flag for consumers. It tells them you’re not accessible and by not being open to publicly communicating with consumers, it might look like you have something to hide.

These are the major channels important to businesses social media marketing:
– Google maps + My Business for a local search
– YouTube
– Yelp
– TripAdvisor – industry specific
Pinterest and so on 

Your customers want you on social media and not just see the ads. They’re trying to have a conversation with your brand, ask questions, review your business and even reach out to your customer service team. Consumers LOVE fun interactions with businesses online, it humanise the brands and since brands aren’t actually people, the more casual and humours interacting creates the sense as if they were.

Why to make it personal is important ?

We’ve all formed strong, long-term connections with our favourite brands, even without social media. When we can communicate with those brands on a more personal level, it gives us a belonging to community, we can relate to and overall creates stronger bonds and loyal relations. Just remember, when you’re using unpaid social media, talk like a human, not a business. Even loyal fans of your brand will be turned off to hear a formal marketing tone of voice in your social posts.

Which is more important digital marketing or social media?

It depends on the type of brand, products or services you want to promote. There are cases where other forms of digital marketing will be more appropriate to build awareness than social media. Social media is a must of every product, brand or service that has a wide audience.

How you can make the best strategy and channels for your brand ?

You need to answer some critical questions, based on that you can plan and execute the best mix of channels with different aim result as an holistic approach.

Who/What are you and your audience and buyers

Who is going to buy the product, what do we know about them, and how it fits to their in every day life and makes it better?

– Who is your customer?
– What are their specific characteristics and behaviours?
– How and where the service/product is distributed? Is is a local business or service or can be widely distributed?
– Is it marketing-intensive or sales-intensive?
– Do customers respond better to marketing or to sales?
– B2B or B2C: Are we selling to companies or to individuals? In most cases, individuals will be better suited to marketing campaigns, while     companies need to be sold to.
– What makes you different from the competition?
– How can you help them imagine a life that’s better because they’re a customer of yours?
– Messaging: How do you talk about the value you create?
Defining process for market strategy is all above and will define exact steps and channels to use.

In conclusion, it is important to know the differences between the different marketing theories so that you can select the most appropriate tools to use for your brand.

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