Social Media Marketing is often contrasted with digital marketing, but it is not the same.

Social Media marketing is one of the most important component of digital marketing. Use of your social media to the max to reach customers and build relationship. Noninfluencer Marketin Agnecy offers a full social media marketing management in Marbella.

8 major social media channels, important for a  local businesses social media marketing:
– Facebook
– Instagram
– LinkedIn
– Google maps + My Business for a local search
– YouTube
– Yelp
– TripAdvisor – industry specific
– Pinterest

Why to make  it personal is so important ?

We’ve all formed strong, long-term connections with our favourite brands, even without social media. So, when we can understand and communicate with those brands on a more personal level, it gives us a community.

Just remember, when you’re using unpaid social media, talk like a human, not as a business. Even loyal fans of your brand will be turned off to hear a formal marketing tone of voice in your social posts.

You probably know the kind of ” if it involves fake smiling and small talk, we are not going” . Be personal, be human! Consumers LOVE fun interactions with businesses online, it humanise the brands and since brands aren’t actually people this gives the sense of talking with one.

Your customers want you on social media and not just see only the ads or read the sales talk. They’re want to have a conversation with your brand, ask questions, review your business and even reach out to your customer service team. Therefore – the more casual and humours you can be, the better. People buy from people, it is an important part for building a realtionships and trust with your customers.

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